Straight Shooter

Straight Shooters is a production company run by award winning director Gail Harvey and award winning actress/writer Katie Boland based in Toronto and Los Angeles. They create, develop and produce television series, webseries, feature films and documentaries for Canadian and world audiences. They are focused on telling unique and innovative stories that study the human condition.



“The best new thing on the internet…a funnier, more relatable answer to HBO’s Girls.” - SheKnows 

“You want proof that Long Story, Short is worth the hype?  How about the fact that I just watched both available episodes back-to-back and am already craving the release of the next one? Boom, addicted.” - SheDoesTheCity 

“Sexy, sassy and sentient characters highlight both comedic and dramatic aspects of a story that does justice to the personal nature and events that inspired it. The cast has a natural chemistry together, one brought out by impressive direction and cinematography that helps capture the gravitas of an aimless early-20-something slowly losing control.” - WebVee Guide

 “Girls meets Toronto…one of the most entertaining and raw web series of this current summer.” - TV Guide

 “Of all (Boland and Harvey's) current accomplishments, I think that the new web series is perhaps the most significant. Very much like Dunham’s Girls, Katie’s Long Story, Short revolves around the shared career angst and disastrous love lives of young 20-something girlfriends finding their way in an adult world.” - Critic Rob Salem


"This is a hauntingly beautiful, bittersweet tale. 4/5 Stars." -Blueprint Review UK

"Writer-director Gail Harvey has crafted a painfully beautiful portrait of a toxic yet vital mother-daughter relationship and a film that smartly plays both sides of a complex debate.  In telling the story of this mother-daughter pairing, Gail Harvey has created a compelling portrait of an artist torn between devotion to her art and to her daughter, a shattering story of a strained relationship, and a wonderfully observed look at a young woman coming into her own, weathering bumps along the way. This is a great film, not afraid to look in places most others ignore, terrified yet somewhat resigned to what it will find there." - NextProjection



"There are a handful of artists who exist in a zone of their own, one where passion and creativity send them to the spheres. Rickie Lee Jones has been there almost 40 years and shows no signs of slowing or coming down. This movie takes you there with her on that timeless journey. See it and believe it.” –Bill Bentley/The Morton Report

"Thoughtful and wry this is a delightful account of a much-loved performer; well worth a look."

-Katy Vans/

 In this feature length documentary, Harvey follows Grammy-Winning and Rolling Stones cover gracing singer-songwriter Rickie Lee Jones as she makes her first studio album in ten years, while reflecting on aging, being a woman in the music industry and the amazing and complicated life she's lived. 

Now available on iTunes. 

Harvey and Rickie Lee Jones on location in New Orleans

Harvey and Rickie Lee Jones on location in New Orleans

deep 6ix

A willful, bold and naive young woman born to a family of respected male cops joins the force, only to uncover things about her family and the inner workings of the Toronto Police Force she never would have believed possible. 

Katie Boland and Calum DeHartog at the CBC

Katie Boland and Calum DeHartog at the CBC


Gold Lamé is a 1/2HR soap set in the “hipster” fashion world, about an aimless but shrewd young woman who is plucked out of obscurity to work for the genius (and sometimes monster) entrepreneur at the helm of the multi-billion dollar clothing empire Three Chainz. Written and created by Katie Boland, pilot episode to be directed by Gail Harvey.


A feature-length thriller set in the depths of winter. Keisha Ceylon is a psychic. At least, that’s what she tells people. She watches the news for stories of missing people, then waits a few days and goes to see the family. She tells them she’s had a vision and that she may know where their missing loved one is—for a price, of course. To be adapted for screen by the author, Linwood Barclay, dubbed Canada’s “current thriller king” by the National Post and a “suspense master” by Stephen King. Barclay's novels have sold more than six million copies around the world and been translated into forty languages. 

STATUS: Post-production


Katie Boland and Megan Park

Katie Boland and Megan Park

Katie Boland and Megan Park co-created and wrote We're Adults Now, a meta-webseries based on their summer in New York City. They will co-produce, star and direct.

STATUS: In post-production.


Written by, to be directed and starring Katie Boland, Lolz-Ita is the story of a naïve but Internet savvy 22 year old who navigates the reality of her boring, small town Canadian life against the fantasy of her provocative and powerful Instagram celebrity. 

STATUS: Post production.